Hey Democrats…get your shit together.


Pick a day. Could be today. A week from today. Hell, even a few weeks from now. At some point, it’s best that we stop caring about the effects of the damn 2016 primary. I don’t care about Bernie Sanders’ revolution. I don’t care about defending the Clinton legacy. Party members are dragging the people into these factions of “Bernie Bros” vs. “Establishment Democrats.” With as much crazy stories that comes each day from Trump’s presidency, my interest in liberal in-fighting wanes.

My tipping point was a recent story in The Root about the recent lovefest that was the DNC unity tour. The story is a good read; that’s not what pissed me off per se. It’s more so reading how the tour became noticeably awkward and left Democrats more confused than before. This quote from the article gives a good reflection on the shit hitting the fan.

Sanders came out stomping hard for Heath Mello, a Democratic mayoral candidate for Omaha, Neb., despite the candidate’s pro-life stances. Then the DNC chair called Sanders out for his stance, then Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called out Perez and then Sanders told them all that you have to make ideological compromises to win. This coming from the same Bernie Sanders who screams, You shall not pass” to any Democrat who isn’t progressive enough for his tastes—despite not being a Democrat.”


In my opinion, rehashing the primary is a political crutch for party members. It seems like we’re in a time where people are eager to define themselves and what path they’re against. In the end, it’s not only about identity politics, women’s rights, or speaking to white working class. It’s a combination of all those things and more. I’ll be more at ease when more Democrats are brave enough to speak about progressive positions that move the country forward. I don’t need constant railing against the elites or a regurgitation about “putting hope on the ballot.”

Democrats have some serious questions to answers to America’s problems. It’s been four months into Trump’s presidency and I still don’t know how the party plans to tackle criminal justice reform, the eviction epidemic, and work automation. These are some serious issues that seem to touch various wings within the Democratic party. Don’t you think it’d be reasonable to, I don’t know, talk more about them? Maybe I’m being whimsical.

And hey, if you happen to be a Democrat in power and read this, here’s another thing on my wish list. MAKE IT SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND! It seems like every good idea gets put through some machine that make it sound twenty times more complicated when it gets talked about. I get it, this shit is hard, and I certainly don’t have the answers. Yet Republicans have mastered this art (see: death tax & religious freedom) for some dubious things. It’d be nice if Democrats could have a reasonable counterbalance to that. Say what you want about Bernie Sanders, but he was heading in the right direction in making policy relatable. It seems reasonable to start there.

I don’t want to rant more than I have already. All I want is the party to advance past 2016 and state it’s case. People don’t care about internal party politics. They care about actual plans to improve their lives.

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