Opioid Epidemic



Opioid abuse is an epidemic that causes many deaths a year. I propose that all opioids become illegal and cannabis and other natural plants are used medically to relieve pain. Legalizing marijuana and criminalizing unhealthy pharmaceutical drugs is the first step to improving America’s health system. It is sad that people that go to the doctor to take care of their pain and they end up addicted to hardcore pharmaceutical drugs.

                        Why are Opioids Still Legal?

28,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2014 according to a blog on the leafly website entitled, Is Cannabis Better for Chronic Pain Than Opioids? It is shocking the epidemic prescription pain pills have become. The article goes on to say, “Prescriptions have increased 400% percent since 1999, and with this trend, a shocking increase in fatal overdoses has followed. Every day, 40 people now die from prescription narcotic overdoses. Many also move on to heroin because it is cheaper, easier to find, and more potent.”

You know there is something wrong with the health system when the pain meds doctors prescribe is a gateway drug to heroine. These seem like problems you would have with an illegal drug, but synthetic opioids are offered to everyone with an injury. The pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of money since the drugs are so cheap to make. Natural plants cost more to harvest, but they are safer and less addictive.

                                         Legalizing the Safe Pain Reliever

If medical marijuana were legal on the federal level, it would cut down on the opioid epidemic that takes to many lives a year. Why should you have to worry about becoming reliant to a highly addictive drug before we go into surgery? When there are natural herbs that can give the person going through pain a safer healthier option. It is absurd to be pushing highly addictive opioids for pain. For years the war on drugs focused on non-harmful cannabis. It is time we wake up and demand a reevaluation of the war on drugs. Legal Opioids are helping to create addicts and kill the people who use them.

Aug_31_medical_Marijuana_shutterstock_746151852061697924Newsweek printed the statistic from an Article in the American Medical Journal that 1,800 fewer prescriptions filled for pain pills in states that marijuana is legal. This shows that people will use cannabis for pain if they have the choice. It is more important than ever to legalize marijuana because it will save so many lives from the throws of opioid addiction.

                                   Let’s Make the Logical Decision

It is time stop letting pharmaceutical companies sell addictive drugs while a plant that comes from the ground is illegal. The recent CBS, article Death’s from Opioid Epidemic may be Underestimated, finds that many people who died of infectious diseases had high toxicity levels of opioids in their system. Doctors are failing to acknowledge opioids in deaths since opioid-related deaths only get flagged in overdoses, not sickness from withdrawal like pneumonia which is a huge killer.

My only answer to the opioid epidemic is to make all opioid drugs illegal on the same level as heroin while legalizing Marijuana on the federal level.

Come join the fight against deadly pain pills that should not be on the market. The benefits from cannabis are too great to ignore anymore.


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Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communication and Professional Writing from Metropolitan State, St. Paul Minnesota. Aspiring science fiction/fantasy writer.

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