5 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

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I had a Facebook page many years ago and shut it down after a few months. I have not looked back since. Here are some of the reasons I do not have a Facebook account.

Facebook causes you to compare your own life to everyone else’s leading to dissatisfaction.

If you look at many people’s Facebook page it would appear that they are having amazing times with beautiful friends and perfect families. I know of a few friends who appear to have a blissful life online, when in reality their marriages are falling apart. It seems to me that people’s online lives can be significantly different from their real lives. No matter what you are doing or how happy you are, Facebook can convince you that everyone else is having a much better time than you. On Facebook, people choose what they want you to see, and most of the time it’s not always the true picture.

Facebook is a distraction.

I do not like when I am out with a friend and they get a notification or update and they interrupt our time together to look at a Facebook post. Also annoying, are the people who go on vacation or to events and feel the need to post their every move. It seems to me that they cannot just enjoy being in the moment, but have to prove that they are living a life of enjoyment. They are so busy trying to show everyone else how much fun they are having, that they miss out on actually having fun. It becomes like an addiction and distracts them from other activities they are engaging in.

Facebook gives you a false sense of your social circle.

It creates shallow connections and the time spent on Facebook could be better spent on creating true life connections. By immersing ourselves in social media, we are ruining the quality of real life friendships. People become dependent on social media to seek out attention and gain “likes”. People start to measure their activities, posts and opinions by the amount validation they receive via social media. To rate your thoughts and actions by how much approval you receive from others cannot be good for a persons self-esteem.

Facebook wastes time.

Facebook is a time suck and time is something you can never get back. Being on Facebook is unproductive and leads to procrastination. I know from my past experience with Facebook that a 15 minute Facebook break can turn into an hour plus very quickly.

Facebook can ruin relationships

I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, but friendships as well. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Do you really need to know what event or party you weren’t invited to? And once a relationship is over Facebook makes it harder to just let go.  Before Facebook, once a relationship or friendship ended, someone may be sad for a while but eventually move on. With Facebook it is too easy to stalk people online in order to keep tabs on their lives and see how attractive their new partner is or how much fun they are having without us. I have known relationships to be ruined over an innocent comment or photograph on Facebook – and also over some not so innocent interactions.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

  1. I certainly agree, most people tend to generate false perception based on what they see on Facebook by either comparing their own lives with those on social media. I generally do not use my Facebook account because I don’t have time to entertain or be entertained with momentarily events that doesn’t tell me the whole story of who they are.

  2. I completely agree with everything you said! I deleted my Facebook a few years ago and it made me realize who my real friends are. I feel that many people think that “liking” or leaving a comment on their friends social networking page is just as good as reaching out to that person on the phone or even in person.

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