Has anyone heard of the group that calls themselves Anonymous? I follow their page on social media and they often post articles about current events or others things that the public might be interested in. Like I have stated in the past, I am all for free speech and I like to learn about the different thoughts and opinions that people have. I enjoy other perspectives on all kinds of subjects. Even if I disagree with what someone else thinks or says, I feel that this sharing of different thoughts on a subject can help us all learn and grow.


When reading the articles that Anonymous posts, I often feel that they might be using unnecessary scare tactics to frighten the public. Maybe what they are posting is 100% accurate, I guess I have no way of being sure, but what I do know is that I always feel slightly uneasy after reading the posts and articles.


Another thing that makes me question the validity of the items that the group posts is that they post it from behind a mask. No, really! They have a scary looking mask that they have actually worn in different videos that they have posted online. If what a person is stating is true, correct and factual- why would they have to hide who they are behind a mask?


The other issue I have with this group is that because the public has no way of knowing who they are, one is not able to know if this group has a connection to a well known company or organization that could be benefiting from what is posted from behind the mask.


Various news stations have reported recently about fake news being posted all across different social media platforms. I find that I question more and more what I am reading to try and weed through the fake from the reality. I guess we should never stop questioning.


4 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. That mask is called a “Guy Fawkes” mask and is based on, you guessed it, Guy Fawkes day. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November” is a phrase that refers to that day. I’ll let you Google it for more details.

  2. Interesting… I was unaware. I love the 4th of July so it seems based on some information I just looked up, I could have an excuse to set off fireworks in November? I’ll have to do some additional reading about this.

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