Boundary Issues

My Husband and I bought a house just over a year ago. We love the house and the location is in a perfect location as far as drive times to work. We have been doing some renovations project to make the house more ours and things have been coming together perfectly. We just have one problem… neighbors. We like to socialize with people and its good to have open lines of communication with ones neighbors incase of emergency but we would prefer more of a relationship where we can just wave from a distance and not have long in-depth conversations that never end.


I probably sound like an anti-social crab but I assure you that I’m not. The very first day of ownership, a neighbor from across the street walked over to introduce herself and stayed in our driveway for over an hour. At the time I thought that maybe it went on and on because it was the first meeting and she wanted to establish some type of relationship. I have learned that every encounter with this woman will be this way and that she has a way of trapping you so that you cant get away. Its horrible to feel as though you cant use the front door for the fear that she will see you and come running out of her house to talk. Just as horrible is feeling like I have to look out of the window to make sure she is not outside before I attempt to leave the house. I have even gone as far as faking phone calls to prevent a conversation.


I don’t know what the answer is or how I can politely but firmly set a boundary. I fear that it might come down to us having to be mean to her so that she dislikes us and no longer desires talking with us.


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