Dating in the 21st Century

Dating has never been easy, and sometimes the whole process can seem daunting. Where do you go to meet a potential girlfriend?  Of course, one could venture to a local watering hole on a Saturday night to try their luck, but the situation is not ideal for truly connecting with another human being.

Alternatives to Traditional Dating

Luckily, the 21st century has brought with it the internet, and concurrently, internet dating. Sites like Ok cupid are changing the way humans approach the dating game, anblog4d it’s a good thing. Instead of a bachelor or bachelorette making their way through drunken hoards in loud, obnoxious settings such as bars and restaurants, they can simply swipe through profiles and see who fits with their interests, goals, and even age. The result: more people connecting with other singles without having to go through the awkward struggle of finding someone worthwhile. In addition, more quality relationships are built through online resources, because they take the guess work out of the dating equation.

Role of Social Media

The prominence of online dating can be directly attributed to a cultural shift towards social media, but the transition wasn’t easy.  It was sites like Facebook which softened the perception of online communication leading to less barriers to entry for dating sites, especially in terms of societal trust. Facebook was the first website where one blog3could engage another in active communication, and features such as the “relationship status” and “pokes” slowly diminished our wariness towards what is now, one of the greatest cultural phenomenons ever.

Societal Changes in Dating

Ok Cupid has analyzed the concepts originally introduced by Facebook, and taken them a step further. Instead of listing your profile information such as profession and education, you take a survey which automatically gives you a compatibility rating with other singles in your area.  In addition, it uses an algorithm which judges your attractiveness based on various metrics. To some, these features may be seen as invasive, and that’s specifically why online dating has taken so long to develop.blog5.png

In order to provide a fully fleshed-out dating experience, Ok Cupid needs to be personal with you which, before social media, would have been seen as an invasion of privacy. Not anymore. Our worlds are no longer private and Facebook coupled with society’s need to connect has driven internet culture in a comfortable and familiar setting. Online dating is no longer riddled with the mystery, danger and discomfort as it once was, and is in part to our most prominent social media websites.


One thought on “Dating in the 21st Century

  1. I have to say am old fashion when it comes to dating, I don’t foresee myself attempting to try online dating any time soon but on the other hand, social media has become part of us and more convenient to use to connect to others. With our busy lives, I have to agree that this is another way to explore and connect with others.

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