Gone Too Soon: Amy Winehouse

I was heartbroken when Amy Winehouse passed away. Her untimely death is something that I often think could have been so easily avoided if a few things had gone differently. She was surrounded by people who saw her as a gravy train, and didn’t look out for her wellbeing. Often people think of her life in the spotlight as being one filled with drugs, alcohol, and partying, and that that specific lifestyle is the reason for why she died so young. According to this article, her dad explains that she had been clean for quite some time and had relapsed which caused her death.

Eating Disorder

I believe that there was an even bigger issue, something that Amy had been dealing with winehouseCP_228x559.jpgsince she was a young girl that caused her to die so young. She was bulimic and she had been for a very long time before her death in 2011. In the documentary Amy, there is a brief mention of her eating disorder, which started as a preteen. According to Amy’s parents, Amy had come to them when she first started binging and purging and told them what she was doing, thinking it was comical. Her parents dismissed it as “just a phase” and assumed she would get over it quickly. Amy’s eating disorder was only a small detail in the entire documentary and was only brought up one other time, again for a minuscule moment when her producer mentions that in the same year that she had passed, she had eaten a load of food and then “redecorated the bathroom” with it. Though the Amy documentary was incredible and received five star reviews, I was disappointed in the lack of discussion on this dark subject.

Pushed Into the Spotlight


Another thing that I think about is how Amy was also thrown into the spotlight when the album “Back to Black” came out and she wasn’t ready for it. She was insecure, camera shy, and didn’t like performing in front of large crowds. Aside from the shyness on stage, she was heavily hounded by the paparazzi. I often think about celebrities who are in the spotlight being constantly judged for their appearance and how awful that must feel especially being a woman in this day and age. Before she made it big, in the documentary she is shown being interviewed on the red carpet. The interviewer applauds her for her “curvy figure”, which you can clearly see Amy did not take as a compliment. When Amy hit her downfall and was constantly being attacked by the paparazzi and tabloids, they would often poke fun at her thinness, blaming it on her drug and alcohol abuse.

Not Destined to be Petite

Amy was considered a “petite girl” whose body couldn’t withstand the amount of drugs and alcohol she was ingesting. Amy wasn’t always a petite girl as old photos of her show. She binged and purged to get to be that way. Mix years of binging and purging with copious amounts of substance abuse, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. There could have been so many things that could of gone differently for Amy Winehouse to still be alive, but I believe that this might have been the real thing that killed her, and it’s a shame that it was kept in the dark for so long.



One thought on “Gone Too Soon: Amy Winehouse

  1. Great post. I loved Amy too and miss her voice. After seen the documentary about her a few years back, it sucks knowing the people see had to deal with. As well as the demons like alcoholism and eating disorders that you highlighted in your blog.

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