No Meals Before The Gym

Fitness is something we all rely on today for our human well-being. We as humans spend countless hours at the gym making sure we are in tip top shape. Getting motivated by family , coworkers , social media, there’s lots of way to get us there to burn burn more calories to achieve goals of becoming the better version of ourselves. As we burn those calories more and more how much is in consideration of what we eat affects are weight loss? could we really be doing this all backwards and out working our bodies too much. I believe that 80-20 rule plays an large amount of affect , in which we consume too much of hard workouts and not the proper diet to mange our physically programs.


My experience 

Before i head to the gym , theres always a light balanced meal to get myself going for another tough workout. My usually schedule of meal is banana , water or juice, bagel of some sort, and a protein bar to top it off. On days is get really hungry and its a heavy work load during the day , i miss lunch and eat after work which puts off the gym by like 2 hours. Mentally i always tell myself , Antonio you have to eat before you go to the gym. Talking to myself in the car trying to self-motivate work for the most part, Then i remember times where i did go to the gym hungry and feeling empty. Well let me explain , it’s like going to the gym with no headphones or no music to workout too. The answer to †hat, a feeling of being empty , the sound of you listening to conversations, or that awful gym intercom music. So back to eating before the gym, I start eating before the gym because i felt hungry and it would totally get me though two hours of intensity.

physed-eat-superJumboThe start of new thinking

What i consume before the gym doesn’t sound to bad, so how do i feel after eating my pregame meal awful and feeling like i should not be attending the gym. This article about the best thing to eat before a workout? is nothing at all has me thinking have i been going at the whole dieting and working out all the wrong way? Believe that your body can adjust to workouts without consuming meals before working out can be possible is something that researchers have been long trying to figure out . The problem behind it will every one follow the method even though our bodies can with stand the intensity on a empty stomach. Going to the gym on a empty stomach for me and working out means i can be very careful on what’s my post-workout meal. Usually it is a tough act to follow given that i do not want to put on the unwanted calories. The next time i approach the gym , i’m skipping the meal until after my workout.





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