The Joys of Home Ownership

Last July my fiance and I bought our first house. It’s a 2000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a very large fenced in back yard on a busy road in Bloomington. I have really enjoyed the homeownership experience so far but there are responsibilities that come with home ownership that didn’t even cross my mind before we purchased the house. I have rented for so long that I took simple things for granted that became my responsibility as the owner of a property. Below are a list of things that may seem like no brainers, but I forgot about until I had to start doing them. For anyone who hasn’t purchased their first home yet… here are the things you have to look forward to.

genMid.4713728_0When something breaks you have to fix it or you have to pay someone to fix it

Shortly after we moved in our dishwasher stopped working correctly. Previously, I would just call the landlord and not give it another thought. However, I now own that dishwasher. After trying to fiddle with it without really knowing what I was doing I finally gave in and called a repair man. He came out and after looking at it could not tell me what was wrong with it and told me it was working fine. It still doesn’t function properly and I am probably just going to have to get a new one.

Even something as simple as changing light bulbs was more challenging than I thought it was going to be. There is a large chandelier above my staircase that is extremely high above the ground and even difficult to reach with a ladder. About a month ago, every light but one had burnt out and somehow I had to get up there to change the bulbs. Eventually I figured out how to do it but it was a real challenge.

There are things you have to do every single week/month/year

This may sound a little ridiculous but I didn’t think about things that would have to be added into my weekly routine that I would have to make time for. Some things are time consuming like cleaning the gutters and some are small things like wheeling out the garbage and recycling cans every Sunday night. You also are responsible for things like changing furnace filters, getting your carpets cleaned, and replacing big ticket items like siding, windows, and appliances if they are no longer efficient or in working order. Home ownership can be a real time commitment and you shouldn’t purchase a home if you don’t have time to do the upkeep.

If you have a yard your workload increases significantly

If you have a yard there is something you have to do as a home owner in every season. Mow the grass, rake the leaves, and shovel and snow blow. All of these things take a lot of time and require a lot effort. There are also other side projects you have to do like plant grass seed and keep your yard clean. If you choose not to do these things there could be real consequences like fines from the city.

These are just a few things that I am faced with as a homeowner. As I said some things seem like no brainers and are things you would expect but I was not prepared for the time commitment it takes to own a home. However, once you adjust your schedule to fit in all the things you have to do as a home owner it is totally worth it because you get an awesome place to live and build equity.




One thought on “The Joys of Home Ownership

  1. The joy of being a home owner, it is a lot of responsibility but I love it. I prefer owning than renting even with all the work that comes with it. I love adding new addition to my home and being creative in making it a comfortable place to live in.

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