Christine Ha, a Blind Chef?


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How did Christine Ha became blind?

Have you ever cooked being blindfolded before? Could you ever imagined yourself being blindfolded and then prepare at least your favorite meal?  Christine Ha, a blinded 33 years old Vietnamese American woman won the 19th episode of MasterChef cooking competition. How did she became blind? In 2004, Christine Ha was diagnosed with, “Neuromyelitis optica also known as  Devic’s disease, is a central nervous system disorder that primarily affects the eye nerves (optic neuritis) and the spinal cord (myelitis),” said the Mayo Clinic website. Although, this beautiful, talented, and smart woman may have a disability she never gave up in life and her dreams. In which, everybody has their own likes and dislikes of what they enjoy and one of Christine’s favorite thing she likes and enjoy are food.

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A Blind Woman becomes a MasterChef

During each episode of MasterChef, Christine Ha did struggle through varieties of challenges because of her disadvantages of not being able to see with her eyes.  Although, she may have lost her eyesight she didn’t make that an impossibility for her dreams.  Christine Ha was able to overcome many challenges tasks that was given to created varieties masterpiece of her Asian culinary skills.  Since Christine Ha came from an South Eastern Asian background, she had incorporated a mixtures of traditional Asian cuisines into the western cuisines dishes. On the last episode, Christine Ha and her competitor Josh Mark were given two hours to complete a full course meal, starting with an appetizer, the entrée, and dessert. This was a great challenge for both of the competitors, but Christine Ha was able to overcome it by winning the competition.  At the end of the competition Christine Ha was announced as the winner of $250,000.00 dollars and her very own cookbook. Nothing is impossible at this point, regardless if you’re with a disability.

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After the Masterchef competition, Christine Ha now has her own recipe book called, “Recipes From My Home Kitchen, Asian and American Comfort Food.”  She also has her own website,, and Youtube channel called, “The Blind Life of Christine Ha.” On her website she would monthly post up blogs of her new recipes and techniques of cooking skills she developed.  It’s always amazing to see compassionate people such as, Christine Ha to not only inspired others not to give up on the impossibilities of challenges in life, but to motivate  the community that once you’re compassion in something nothing is, “impossible.”




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