It Takes a Village

  Community+ Action=Contribution

It’s always been a passion of mine to contribute to my community in some way.  Every person has something to offer the world.  This example was set by my Grandmother who volunteered at the catholic church, senior center and local Democratic club until her passing.  Today is no different , I see young people in my church , serving food, helping in the daycare and tutoring children with their homework every Wednesday night.  These practices come from the examples and expectations set by  parents, mentors, family and friends.   Unfortunately, the past few generations  have been getting a” Bad Rap”. Each generation has  had their own series of challenges, beliefs barriers, mind shifts from previous generations –  to deal with.  It doesn’t matter the name of the generation-  Gen X, Gen Y , Millennials or Baby Boomers- It takes a Village.  In order to  grow healthy and strong relationships through community.


Age is just a Number.

We all have something to contribute to our communities.  Our gift’s are endless. When we train up a child to serve, love their families and believe that their voice is significant, anything is possible.  One mother, father, grandmother, sister and brother at a time.  It sometimes appears hopeless but it was our parent’s and grandparent’s values that portray the glue of the community together.   It was the  fear of my families response and directive that guided my path;not my teachers, social workers or police officers.

Way back

Everyday is a new opportunity.  My son’s career challenges; opened my eyes!IMG_0920 (1)

Mtume Gant: Actor, Writer, Director and Teacher .  He presents a presence of service through his filmmaking by giving a voice to the voiceless.  Mtume has always loved film and theatre.  He joined first theatre company at the age of 3 years old.  I just went along to visit with a friend.  But he  accepted the challenge.   Never looking back.  All of his work  centers around the community he loves.  The topics are not always accepted by mainstream media.   Innovation and speaking for the voiceless are generally not received in the major markets as popular or  profitable.  But there goes the service piece. His  new film “White Face” written, directed and starring , Mtume Gant deals with self hatred, race identity and societies inability to accept the person in front of them as important.

His choice to teach young minds, comes at a price but it needs to be done.  I sincerely, believe , God never gives you more than you can handle.  I thank him for keeping the family legacy of  community service going in his own way.  Be part of the solution.

classrooms at Humboldt Junior and Senior high school and also
















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