Thriving As a Single Mom

Single and Alone

My daughter Janet was just 4 years old when my husband and I finally divorced. As a mother, I was faced with the uncertainty how to parent by myself with no support. The challenge before me seemed overwhelming, but I was determined to take care of my daughter and provide her with all the love and support she would need growing up. There are many reasons people get divorce, in my case it was marrying too young and not knowing the responsibility that it’s cracked up to be. I was faced with quilt, bitterness, and alone in raising my daughter without a father figure and the exhaustion of having to do it all.


Becoming the responsible parent in my daughter life was very important to me. Juggling with everything, maintaining a job and making sure we are financially sound was a pressure in itself and not to mention being physically and emotionally strong to cope with all the stress. Receiving assistant from the government was not an option for me, so I managed to work and pick up overtime as needed to sustain us over the years. My main concerns for my daughter was to provide a warm and nurturing environment in which she can thrive and not feel abandoned by her parents became a focal point during this journey. I was able to send her to a private school, put her in private lessons in piano and swimming which helped build her self-confident.


My daughter is now 16 years old. She has matured into a responsible young lady and learned that hard work and determination is the key to great success. In retrospect, I have come to appreciate some of my struggles and count them as an opportunity and having the tenacity to thrive as good parent to my daughter. It is still a challenging task but most importantly my daughter happiness is what matter most to me.



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