Here’s some advice.

A few nights ago, I was wasting time on the internet and stumbled upon this class blog. I realized that the course was starting anew again and a got a little reflective. This, in all honesty, is sad because I was a student in the Spring 2017 semester. Being reflective about something that ended a few weeks ago is a clear sign of boredom. That said, when I look back I wish I had a few pointers about this course.

That’s what led me to write this blog. I wanted to pass out a few tips that could make your semester easier. I mean, this course is still going to be hard, but it won’t be impossible. As far as my tips go, use them or don’t use them. It’s up to you. It won’t affect me either way as I’ve already passed this course. This won’t be a road map on how to get an A. I can’t help you there. Try David Lightman for that. My main goal is to get you all to start thinking about the group tasks at hand.

Think About What’s Easy and What’s Hard

I imagine by now you all have picked organizations to help. I’m writing this with the assumption that there’s blogs, videos, and tweets at the very least you all will have to create. My advice is to break down tasks into two categories: easy & hard. Then get working on what you think will be easy tasks. That way you’ll have some momentum and time into going into harder tasks.

I’m not going to tell you what’s easy and hard. To me, it seemed that every team is different, so “easy” is a kinda subjective. But do what you can to figure out what’s easy for your groups as soon as possible.

Use Slack!

Slack is going to be your best friend if it isn’t already. My group used Slack to share drafts of blogs, talk about video shoots, share videos, give advice, and generally complain about our work. That last one was a true bonding experience. I’ve done group projects before that were a real effing drag because not everyone could get on the same page. Slack is hands down the easiest way to clear that hurdle.workplace-1245776_1280

Schedule Often

One of the things our group could have been better at was scheduling. Sometimes it seemed like due dates would pop up out of the blue and it’d feel like an “all hands on deck” panic situation. We would have prevented that feeling if we scheduled what we were going to do and when we were going to them weeks ahead of time. I know it sounds so effing simple, but hey, we didn’t do it consistently and we made our lives harder because of it.

Consider Other Editing Software

Hey, if you want to use Final Cut Pro to edit your videos, that’s your business. If you’re confident or know what you’re doing, go ahead. What I’ll say is that the consensus in my class was that it was a pain in the ass. If you end up feeling the same way, do yourself a favor and look at editing software that’s out there. The best video my group did was off a cloud based editing software. I’m glad the person that put it together was smart enough to use that and not give into the Apple’s promise of “user-friendly” software.


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