Individual Blog Post 1: Marketing and How to Effectively Build a Community

When it comes to social media and marketing, in today’s world, with venues such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, it would appear that there is a demand and this would be the most effective means of going about marketing a product or attempting to build and establish a community.

This could develop into something if one has effective strategies and the means of being able to do this. One author in particular goes into detail about how community building is the one of the more effective methods of marketing a particular product. With some though this may pose as a challenge, especially with limited funds and only some rudimentary knowledge about a particular topic or product. Another author affirmed in an article that without money or fame marketing is almost destined to fail. Indeed, it does pose an obstacle and one with either or both of these certainly has an advantage over someone who does not.

In this day and age knowledge does equate to power. Sometimes having limitations in funds and knowledge will become an advantage inevitably, as one will dedicate time and energy to attempting to market something and become all the more dedicated to learning about it. Also being able to establish a solid community to market this idea or product would be a crucial element in this process as well.

In developing a community to market a particular idea or product one must be able to establish a base from which to work off of. It would seem that certain characteristics such as respect for the other members of the group, trustworthiness, and being able to exchange ideas effectively and disagree at times without losing it would be the best characteristics of a particular marketing group, as well as tolerance of individual differences that may and quite possibly would exist among other members of that group. If these core principles can be established then a foundation or base can be built on from there.

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