Nicki Minaj is Paying Students’ Debt

Nicki Minaj is reminding all of us that there are people cheering for our success. As a college student we are constantly reminded of the inevitable financial doom that will soon be ours once we graduate. This struggle causes anxiety and in return we as students feel we have no other choice but to rack up the bill. We forget, however, that there are real, non-celebrity sources available who are willing to alleviate our financial burden.

Seeing someone like Nicki Minaj take it upon herself to contribute to student loan payments of her fans is impressive. Although I am spirited by this gesture, it makes me wonder, how did we get here? How have we let our system become so broken that we depend on the 1-percenters to, on a whim, hand out money? The fact that college has become so expensive that students feel they need to reach out to a celebrity, or any stranger, for money is absurd. The financial inflation for college tuition is absolutely out of control.

How does this impact our country’s future? How is it affecting our nation today? There is no doubt that this price tag is contributing to our nation’s wealth gap and enriching the “me first” mentality of our citizens, as described by Simon Mainwaring’s We First article.

It should not come down to celebrities, like Nicki Minaj, to remind students there can be light at the end of the tunnel. These situations are fresh reminders that college tuition problems are not going away anytime soon. There are definitely sources available to help scrape the top of the debt, however, this is not a long term solution.  We need to find a solution that will allow people the opportunity for success. Time to put those college degrees to the test.

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