Facebook: Deactivated 

From joining a gym, starting a new diet or even vowing to never begin the night with shots of tequila again, January 1st is the day that signifies a new beginning for many people. For me, this day is important because January 1st is the day that I deactivated. That’s right I said it. About five months ago, I started a new chapter and deactivated my Facebook account. Now I know what you are thinking. Sure, I do feel a little left out when someone asks me if I saw Laurens new puppy or Becky’s atrocious haircut. But, in all reality, it has been such a relief to “unplug.” I spent countless amounts of time endlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed. For what? Yes, I got to see how cousin Tim in Pennsylvania was doing but I also saw hundreds of people putting on their best face and bragging about how great life is. Daily I would see girls posting overly edited photos with captions that came directly from motivational posters. Minor life events became tremendous accomplishments or spectacles that everyone needed to see. 
Now, I do not consider myself a jealous person (I mean maybe a little but who isn’t right?), but when I saw all of these people posting about their lives, I couldn’t help but compare myself to them. I haven’t climbed that mountain. My hair never lies nicely like that, and I’m not even close to getting married. Cutting the cord on a media outlet that allows people to perfectly market themselves significantly increased my self-esteem and has even helped lower my anxiety. The past few months, I have rarely found myself comparing my life, looks, or successes to others. By stepping away from Facebook, I have been able to see people for who they are in person rather than who they present themselves to be on social media. And let’s be real, no one is as great in person as they seem to be on their Facebook page. If you happen to be someone who is actually as awesome as their Facebook page shows, then take a look at other reasons for you to deactivate below. As for the rest of the population, stop wasting your time scrolling and comparing yourself to your 1,000 plus friend. Deactivate.



One thought on “Facebook: Deactivated 

  1. Marissa,
    I can’t tell you how many times this idea has crossed my mind. I am so jealous and proud of your decision.I can only imagine the relief it may bring.
    Has there been any situations in which you wished you still had Facebook?
    Awesome post!

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