Ideas for Scheduling Posts

As a graphic designer, I am a sucker for visuals – that much should be obvious. So when important information can be communicated via clean and concise images, I feel like my brain has made an epiphany. ‘Finally! Things make sense!’

Perhaps that’s why I have an appendage for infographics. Especially ones that build vertically so that I don’t have to click on anything to get the information I need. (Wait, am I admitting to being lazy?). Whatever the case may be, I am almost certain that 90% of the population would agree. Why else do agencies spend the big bucks on creative services? BECAUSE IT’S COMPELLING! But you don’t have to take my word for it; I’ve recently stumbled upon this (see below) infographic from reputable marketing blogger, Mariah Halthoff.

It outlines the peak times to make social media posts for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest in a neatly organized manner. I thought it could be helpful for my peers who are realizing we need to set up social media accounts for our projects by Thursday (5/18).


Although I am aware that this is not concrete information, it is a great jumping point for determining social media strategies. Does anyone else have significant experience with scheduling posts?


3 thoughts on “Ideas for Scheduling Posts

  1. I have always assumed there were certain times to post on social media that would yield higher views/reactions. It’s nice to see the different times laid out in a clear visual. I also never thought that different platforms would have different ideal posting times – very interesting!

  2. Love this! It is important to attack social media with a strategy rather than just to wing it! These stats are super helpful! Although, based on my own experiences, I would argue with Mariah that platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have more days and times where you can get high numbers of views and responses.But i guess it just depends on the company/cause and the targeted audience you’re going for.

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