Visual OverLoad

I understand the need to market yourself, brand, product, or business to as many consumers as possible.  It can help expand your brand, or whatever you are promoting.  After all, news still travels by word of mouth and now social media?  What better way to promote your business, and reach the masses than social media?

Social media provides multiple platforms for you to put your creativity on display.  It can be an affordable and quick solution to grab someone’s attention.   However they way you capture that attention at times can be overwhelming,  And if you are anything like me, and have Spiderman senses visual overload can be a pain in the @$$!  With my highly attuned senses, I ‘m at risk for multiple disorders, like MEP (Major Exaggerator Disorder) or HSP (Hypersensitive person)  just to name a few common ones.

These disorders are not to be confused with Photosensitivity disorder or other Epilepsy triggers .  It just makes me highly prone to miss the important details, because the minor ones are overloading my Spidey senses.   Yes, I have superhero senses, but it doesn’t mean I am infallible.  I too can crash from more than just coffee.

Visual overload is like fireworks on the fourth of July. A moment of oohs and aahs then it’s over. You don’t know the name of the vendor that put on that amazing display of pyrotechnics, and in all honesty, do you really care? Of course, not the show is over, and you were entertained job well done. Unless this vendor is trying to market a product, oh well it sucks to be them!  They should’ve handed out some flyers before the show. Graphics, interactive media, videos, and other visual effects on social media can be quite impressive. However, at times I am often left wondering, what happened to the content.  Who are you and what are you about?   With so many visual displays it easy to overlook the product or the purpose. With so many options how do you  stay relevant?




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