Wasting away.

Hello all,

It took me a while to come up with a topic to blog about but I think I finally found something. I tried to think of something that interested me or something that I’m currently doing in my life, and today when I rode my bike to the gym I found it and it’s something that is in close relation to our groups topic. I got about half way to my destination before getting stuck behind a giant city bus. On the back was a huge advertisement with a loaf of bread and some outrageous statistic as to how much food an average American wastes each year. To see a disgusting statistic and also one of the reasons why we waste as much a we do, click here.

Image result for food waste

Now I’m sure the numbers and reasons vary from study to study but there is no doubt that this waste is unnecessary. For the past couple years, I’ve been trying to dial in my day-to-day living habits to become less wasteful, although I admit that I still waste more than I should. However my consciousness surrounding this issue has been growing each and every day especially because I just got my first job in the restaurant industry. Everyday, I am forced to throw away perfectly good food because of a mistake made by a server, the kitchen, or even a customer. Each day I become increasingly upset with how much waste is happening in the restaurant. Then I realized that this is only one restaurant out of the entire country and that kind of put things in perspective for me. When we throw away food, not only are we wasting food, we are wasting the water it took to grow that food, we are wasting the oil it took to harvest and transport that food, and we are wasting energy it takes to store and refrigerate that food. According to this article, for every calorie of food grown in the U.S., it consumes 10 calories of fossil fuels. I think there needs to be a significant change in order to feed our growing population without exhausting our natural resources. To try and change my habits, I have been purchasing about 20% less food when I’m at the grocery store (it really helps). I also started my first compost a couple weeks ago. Follow me on Instagram @BenjaminBrusselSprouts and you’ll see some photos soon!



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