Social Media and Its Impact on Communication

While some matters may appear to be the same in our culture, others have drastically changed. Offhand the most significant of these being the development of technology and social media.

Before the turn of the millennium, social media was in its infancy. Most of it was done by way of email and Hotmail, but not much anywhere else. With the development of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as the development of the iPhone, caused a great difference in our communication styles and how normal everyday people interact with one another. It would seem to some it would give way to giving people a voice where no existed before. In this regard this could be viewed as healthy and beneficial. Sort of like allowing the underdog a chance where none existed before.instagram-old-new[1]

Much of the younger under 25 generation these styles seem to have their interests directed by way of social media, and appear to interact with each other much less in person. It is undoubted that with the growth of social media, and with everyday technology becoming much more accessible and easy to process, this will hamper everyday communication but to what effects and to what degree? It could be possible that with this this may play a definitive role on one’s mental health, and if so, to what extent do people who are depressed become addicted to the point of wanting to interact with others around them?

Is it possible that social media may possibly take other methods of communication, and become the normal method of discussion and interacting with other people. Back 20 years ago or thereabouts, children went over to their friend’s house to play, or talked with them on the telephone. More and more it seems that social media is the preferred norm over other methods, and this may soon become the normal way to communicate with both friends and family.


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