Here at Metrostate you are exposed to new experiences, a diverse student body and languages. These enriching learning experiences can enhance your life. Metrostate can be a building block for culture awareness.

Cultural awareness plays an essential role when interacting with people from different cultures. Everyone inherently sees, interprets, and evaluate things differently.  Our personal opinions, values, and cultural backgrounds lead us to often see and do things in a certain way. Identifying our own cultural dynamics can be quite challenging, but not impossible. Stepping outside of your cultural boundaries can be both rewarding and enlightening.  MetroFaces embraces cultural awareness and celebrates cultural differences.  However, our mission is to promote and encourage open dialect and learning.

Can everyone benefit from leaning about other cultures? Absolutely!  Can you have a conversation with people from other cultures? Yes, you can! But are you willing to conversate with someone whose culture background differs from yours?   Are you the kind of person that says due lack of diversity in your community; you are not exposed to different cultures?  America is a melting pot of culture, you can willful leave your back yard and explore.  Luckily for you Metrostate has a diverse student population.

In the 1970’s there was a popular sitcom called All in the Family.  The main character was a man  named Archie Bunker.  Archie  was uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is the uncle you love to hate. He has no filter and openly expresses his misogynist, xenophobic, bigoted. world views to anyone that will listen. Archie’s opinions manifested and reflected an inbred ignorance.

If culture awareness is the foundation of communication, then common courtesy is the first step.  A friendly greeting coupled with an introduction, can open many doors to social interactions with different cultures. Metrostate invites you to game night in the library, every third Tuesday of the month on the main campus. You can accept this invitation and meet new people. You can even take it a step further and extend the invitation to a fellow classmate. Let’s not forget the numerous cultural organizations near the school. Like the Hmong Association Partnership (HAP), whose mission is to empower the community to embrace the strengths of our cultures while achieving our potential.

Even uncle Bob, can learn something by having a conservation with someone from a different culture background.  That doesn’t mean that uncle Bob will change!  But he can gain a new experience, and so can you! Foster a culture of awareness , acceptace and understanding.


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