Analysis of Mental Health Issues and Effective Treatments for Men

In an article posted by a mental health blogger specifically directed at men, there appeared to be some misconceptions about it and it appeared to be ill-directed. While it is a concern for men who struggle with mental illness to also struggle with substance abuse, this is not always the case. In fact, often times those who struggle with addictions do not struggle with mental health, and vice versa.

Suicides among men and mental health in general is a cause for concern in today’s society. There are many reasons and causes for this predicament. It may a cultural issue, and appearing “weak” is looked down on and seen as not worth addressing or taking seriously. Another could be “peer pressure,” or fear of losing friends if one were to disclose their mental health issues, and lastly, lack of available resources one may have if their mental health issues arise and are not addressed.

While anxiety is an issue that often arises with depression, this is not always the case. Sometimes losing a loved one or the sudden loss of something of value, such as a job or home, may cause depression for which one may need to seek out some form of assistance and/or therapy. This blog in particular seems to focus a great amount on substance abuse, and fails to realize that there are many other causes for depression or other mental health issues for which one may need to seek some form of assistance.

It would appear more practical that treating one’s mental issues prior to their substance abuse issues would be a more relevant method. If one learns effective coping methods to counterbalance their issues such as anxiety and depression they stand a much greater chance of being able to manage their lives more effectively without seeking out substances. Addressing substance abuse may not be necessary if one receives the appropriate help for their mental health issues when they need it. If one treatment method fails another may be attempted. Perhaps on the third treatment co-morbidity may be applied to see if that proves to be more effective.




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