Spider Goats. Blog post #2


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Last week I met up with my extended family for dinner. There were a lot of topics being thrown around the dinner table but nothing was as interesting as my cousin telling me about spider goats.. Where do I even start? From my understanding, apparently scientists have found a way to extract the specific gene carried by spiders that produce the liquid they use to create the ‘silk’ webbing. Because spiders are extremely territorial and will kill one-another, scientists have had a hell of a time trying to harvest this substance from individual spiders in little spider farms. Apparently the solution was to extract that gene and just toss it into a couple goats and see what happens. It sounds like after doing the, the goats have now been able to produce this ‘spider silk’ protein in their milk and the scientists can then create the silk from there.

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Now I didn’t research too heavily into this topic because it’s the principle behind this, not the actual research. The first thing I thought about was why. Why do we need to tamper with Mother Nature and have our goats producing silk like protein in their milk? The first thing I thought about was medicinal benefits and that seems to be a main contributor to the experiment. However, the second thing I thought about was our government. We all know that any sort of advances in safety or protection go straight to our military. It even says in one of the articles that this sort of advancement can lead to create a more sophisticated bulletproof vest. With words like “BioSteel,” I have a feeling that this will be less about the medical field and more about everything else. What that is… I have no idea and that’s kind of my point that I’m making. I actually think that this topic is extremely interesting and I hope it is something that will benefit us all on a global scale but it can be scary to think about because if you actually think about it, how insane is it that we can take a gene from a spider and transfer it into a goat? If we are creating these goats or creating artificial sperm cells, who knows what the hell we are going to be doing 10 or 20 years from now. I believe that there must be advances in science to solve some of the global issues that we face now and in the future (something like solving our energy or water problem) but where are we really directing our aim of science? Am I the only one who is worried about science going too far in the wrong direction? 

Here is a link to a couple more topics that will make you question this notion.



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