Doing Small Things With Great Love

242093_168955943166808_7200176_oThere are a lot of organizations who claim to be working for the children and their rights. There are even many organizations who are always talking about how many children they have saved from the child labor and how they are running campaigns against the companies who are involved in child labor. I appreciate the efforts many companies are making to save the children from bonded and forced labor but the question is “are we doing enough to remove the child labor from our society and provide the children the opportunity to live their childhood without having to worry about making bricks at the brick kilns or making carpet at the carpet factory. I get very encouraged when I look at the ads and news that how many lives have been saved by different organizations from the child labor but when I look at United Nations data, I feel sad that still, 215 million children work and many work full time. I think we are working to get rid of the child labor but not as our top priority because if it was our priority the number of the working children would not be this high. I believe we need more people who can stand up for these children and make sure that these kids are out of the trap of the child labor because they lose their childhood. I am very determined that this is not the impossible thing for our global village to punish those who are involved in putting children into the labor and stealing their childhood from them. I love the saying Mother Teresa has said that “not all of us can do great things but can do small things with great love”. Let’s promise us that we will make a difference in one child’s life by speaking against the child labor.


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