It can be Annoying to be a Homeowner

myhouseI recently bought a house and the house is not so new. It’s was built in 1956 and even have cemented well that has been blocked for many years. As first time home buyers, we were very excited that now we are homeowners and do not have to pay down someone else’s property every month but ours. We made sure that everything is taken care very well and paid attention to all things that could potentially give us some hard time in near future. we made sure that the inspection is done by a well-reputed company so they could be responsible if something unpleasant happens. Everything looked good before we did the closing. We moved into the house in winter the minute our lease got done. The minute we walked into our “new” house, we found out that the furnace is not working. I called the realtor and the inspection and even the warranty company and nothing gained. Without going into details, I will just say that we had to buy the new furnace from our pocket to move into the house. Once the furnace got done we received the letter from our insurance that the handrail for the steps must be done because it is a hazard so we had to hire someone to do that. The washing machine and the drawer needed to be fixed as the guy who sold it to us lived in the house sometimes. The electricity connections and the wiring needed some work so had to hire the electrician to have that done. Let me tell you that I have no handyman skills because I never learned any of that. The bottom line is that it got to the point where I really got frustrated with everybody involved in the transaction. I filed complaints against whoever I thought was responsible for the problem I was going thru. Whenever something bad was happening to my house I was thinking of the movie “Are we there yet”. I got so much disappointed and frustrated and almost decided to sell. Now it’s been 2 years since we have had this house and still, we must do a lot of stuff almost after every 3 months but now the difference is that I have learned how to do things myself instead of hiring someone.

So, folks, before you buy the house make sure, take some classes on how to fix stuff especially when your house was built in 1956.


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