Refugees and the International Response

IMG_0628According to UNHCR statistics, there are 65.3 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide; out of that 21.3 million are refugees. UNHCR resettled 107,100 refugees in 2015 and many are still waiting for their name to be called to hop on a plane and get to the land of their dreams. Recently, there has been much news about international refugees. Many countries have opened their doors for refugees and others have denied or restricted the number of refugees they will accept. The United States has been a dream land of many refugees for decades and the US has provided shelter to thousands of refugees all these years. The new administration of the United States has come up with new ideas to how to keep the country safe while opening the door for the international refugees. The U.S. Government wants to make sure that the nation is safe and the biggest threat of the era, the terrorism is taken care. We have been seeing a lot of opposition to the decision the President and his team has been making to keep our border safe. The question is how can we make sure that the international community keeps it fair when it comes to granting residence to the refugees. The international community must treat all the developed countries equally and resettle the refugees according to their resources. The countries need to make sure that the terrorists are not entering the countries in the form of refugees. According to “The Washington Post” there have been times when ISIS is able to send its terrorists into western countries to cause destruction and spread terror in common people. As a citizen of the global world, I believe that all the countries have the right to keep their borders safe and must have the right to decide who they want to let into the country and how they want to perform the vetting to make sure that we all live in a peaceful world. Many people would have a problem with the countries denying or delaying the process of the refugees coming in, but I personally think that it is always good to take extra steps to keep the world safe.


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