Understanding of Small Town Life As Contrasted with Metropolitan Life

To those of us who have been forced to make the transition from living in a small town to living in the city have found that that can be quite the transition. I would like to go into the benefits as well as disadvantages of both of these environments.

Small towns offer more stability and structure, as well as a safer haven. People are more trustworthy and friendly without any hidden motives or agendas. They tend to form bonds with others quicker and easier. On that note, on can also find themselves on the outs rather quickly as reputations, especially negative ones, can spread rather quickly. Also in terms of entertainment there are limitations, as also are business opportunities. Also suspicions of those of different cultures run higher in these areas, and those people are forced to relocate often because of this. So while individuals from small towns may bond easier, they also are skeptical of outsiders and unfamiliar people. There is a reason these communities stay small and close-knit.


When it comes to living in a metropolis, there are quite a few advantages. Accessibility, diversity, and opportunities, and for those looking to start or promote a business would have much more of an advantage living in the city rather than a small town. At least if they were in it for primarily lucrative reasons. Also when it comes to different cultures there is a great deal of that and people in general. Because of this, one does not form bonds as quickly or easily nor do people really learn to trust one another. Criminal behavior is more rampant seen as there is much more opportunity to engage in such. Nor do people care as much since it is more of an occurrence and they often times are just grateful it wasn’t them.

In essence, it appears that long term goals are what motivate individuals often in their choice of living situations. For those looking to settle down and start families and are looking for stability it appears that small towns are more suitable and acceptable. For those looking for adventure, diversity, and business opportunities, it seems that metropolitan life would be more beneficial in that regard.


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