Stop Buying Avocados and Coffee, NOW!

This is incredible! I had no idea that if I stopped buying coffee and avocados I could afford a down payment on a house, thank you! $6.00 saved, only $12,494 to go!

But seriously, I understand where Tim Gurner is attempting to come from, Millennials are spending too much money on frivolous things and not saving towards their future.

This doesn’t excuse this poor attempt for a self-righteous pep talk.

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a very motivated individual to achieve the accomplishments Gurner has in such a short period of time, however, as hard working as Gurner is, and setting aside the $34,000 dollar investment Gurner’s grandfather gave him to kickstart his business – thanks Pops – Gurner was clearly in a position most Millennials do not have the opportunity to be apart of.

We need to stop grouping people’s worth into generation stereotypes.

Millennials struggle to buy homes because purchasing a home is extremely unrealistic.

Stop complaining and save up they say?

Since 1960 the United States’ rent has increased by 64 percent while the household income has only increased by 18 percent. Since 1978 College tuition has increased by 1,120 percent, medical expenses have surged 601 percent, and food prices have risen 244 percent.

Let’s address the part where Gurner says, “..when you’re spending $40 a day on smashed avocados and coffees and not working…” 71 percent of Millennials in the US are employed, 83 percent of who need to work a second job, 68% of those workers are still making less than $50K annually.

Placing blame on a generation to stop spending money on avocados and toast is a lazy way of ignoring where the real issues stem from.

Instead of Tim Gurner scolding his generation to stop spending $22…I mean $23…or wait $40 a day on avocado, toast, and coffee – which, spare me – he could use his acclaimed wisdom towards a more viable solution for Millennials to begin purchasing homes.

When you sit on your high horse you forget the view of the other 99 percent.


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