I love Accents

English is global language and every nation that speaks English, have their own accent and own style of speaking the language. Accent gives us unique identity and idea to others of our nationality or our country of origin. In her article “Se Habla EspanolIMG_2988” Tanya Barrientos expresses the same feeling that any immigrant would feel if he/ she loses connection with the roots. Learning in schools is different than owning something as Barrientos says in her article “Spanish has become a litmus test showing how far from your roots you have strayed. A friend of mine, a Bolivian-American has been living in the country for almost whole her life as she left Bolivia when she was nine by being adopted by an American family. She got paralyzed, and could not move by herself as her legs stopped growing after an accident she had in the backyard of her house in Bolivia. When she came to the U.S.A she found herself in a house with 17 disabled kids from different backgrounds and with different disabilities. The family had adopted the children from different parts of the world. She was well-taken care of by her adopted parents and brothers and sisters. She got out of touch with her biological family with the passage of the time. Now she is in her 30s and finally got in touch with her biological family with the help of a missionary family to Bolivia but the problem is that she cannot speak the language her family speaks and the family cannot speak or understand English. To communicate they have to have somebody to interpret them. She always regrets that why she did not keep speaking the language her parents spoke. She always misses the feeling of being able to speak Spanish, the language her family speaks. Barrientos’s article kind of relates to my friend’s story as she went through the situation my friend is going through. Being an immigrant when I relate myself to Barrientos’s story, I find a lot common between us. Language, accent, and nationality is our identity and people should be proud of what they are, how they look, and how they speak. We always must be open to new opportunities to learn about other cultures and nationalities and educate us to how to build bridges between hearts. The world has become a global village and people need to interact with people from other countries almost every day. America is a melting pot and we, the people are the lifeline of this great land of opportunities. Diversity is the beauty of America and the land is blessed with great things and people so we must all embrace each other and share the beauty of the life with each other. We must give a chance to love and inclusion and step up and embrace the people who don’t look like us to say” One Nation under God”.



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