Hitting Children

One time, when I was a kid, I ran across the parking lot to greet my friend and almost got hit by a car. It would have been my fault because I had been coming out of nowhere from their perspective, but luckily, the driver stopped in time. My mom’s face turned white as the vehicle came to a screeching halt. She scolded me and later gave me a big spanking at home, which at the time seemed unfair. Ever since then, I’ve been a lot more careful when crossing the street and anywhere else where there’s cars. Maybe if she didn’t discipline me the way she did, I wouldn’t have learned a valuable lesson.

A lot of parents use the “once bitten, twice shy” philosophy to raise their children instead of hitting them. I heard of someone who let their kid touch a hot stove when they could have smacked their hand away instead. This is more like abuse than discipline in my opinion. I’m not a parent, but I’m a son. If my parents did this, I would have a much harder time forgiving them if they stood by and watched me hurt myself rather than slap me on the wrist. There are instances in which it’s good to learn from our mistakes, but sometimes our parents need to come to the rescue. It might not always seem like they’re heroes, but they are.

This blog argues against hitting children for various reasons. The first thing I notice is that it uses Adrian Peterson as an example. As much as I wish he’d stay with the Vikings, I wouldn’t use him as an example of what hitting your kids is supposed to mean. Hitting a child with a switch is not discipline; it’s abuse. But all that aside, even to hit a child in any way is apparently teaching them that it’s okay to beat up people smaller than you, according to Denise Cummins. The author even goes far enough to say that it’s no surprise people become bullies and even grow up to become wife-beaters. I’ve never heard of that being the reason. Plenty of people treat their wives and other people with respect even though they were beaten as children. Hitting should be for the sole purpose of teaching a lesson that a child otherwise wouldn’t learn. This has to be understood so that they won’t use it as an excuse to take out their anger on weaker individuals. They also have to understand a concept of punishment for certain actions, which is part of life. Another argument that the author makes is that hitting children can damage the relationship they have with their parents. I have had numerous beatings as a child, but I still have a good relationship with my parents. In fact, I’m grateful that they didn’t always let me get away with things, because I would probably learn a harder lesson later in life.  

 In conclusion, I think the author made some claims that don’t bring enough evidence for me to accept as fact. She made it seem like hitting a child is considered to be abuse, which I disagree with. Maybe there can be better alternatives than hitting kids in some cases, but as long as it’s not done in a way that will traumatize the child then it can be helpful for them in the long run.

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One thought on “Hitting Children

  1. First off, I love your Instagram pic you used lol. Also, I completely agreed. I was spanked as a child and I have a strong relationship with my parents, I’m not a bully, and I don’t beat people. It’s a parenting style that worked for me.

    Although, I do understand why it’d be hard to grasp if you didn’t grow up with it, etc. I also don’t have the perspective of being a parent so that might have an influence too.

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