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Seeing as we are in the middle of Pride month, it’s safe to say there is no shortage of rainbows in the news lately. There are articles like this one flying around all over the internet.

Now, I can’t argue that this blog doesn’t bring attention to Pride, of course, it does. But is it really bringing attention to the right thing? In the above post, less than 100 words are said about the goal of this march, and there is not a single word said about how to support the cause. Instead, the main focus of this post is the witty signs people carry when they are marching for social justice. Yes, some are very clever and very entertaining but it brings me back to my earlier question.


None of us are strangers to the lack of results political marching has lead to over the past few years. We know that, in full honesty, those signs are not going to lead to social change. In this day-in-age, it simply isn’t enough. So as a blogger who is bringing attention to Pride month, I would think that adding more depth about the reason for the march, the significance of the timing, and how to help the cause would be important rather than just sharing humorous signs.

You could argue, how do we know the writer wants to support the cause? Well let’s be real if this writer didn’t support the cause would they really write an article on it? Also, if anyone knows like I do, they certainly do not shy away from sharing tips on how to get involved. All in all, there was no reason to post this blog to millions of viewers without adding more content about an important social cause.

If you would like to learn about how you can support LGBT+ community, click here. For easy ways to get involved in Pride month start here.



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