Violent Videogames

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It’s understandable that whenever I play FIFA, it gets me in the mood to go outside and play soccer. After all, I’m usually in the mood to play soccer anyway. But whenever I have played games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, for some reason I never felt like going on a shooting rampage. Maybe it’s because videogames don’t make people violent.

Many will disagree with that statement, which makes sense, considering there is sufficient data that links aggressive behavior with violent videogame use. But does that mean that this aggressive behavior was caused solely by videogames? Not necessarily. People may already have a predisposition to be violent, with or without videogames. One of the Columbine shooters named their gun after a character from ‘Doom’. Does that indicate that he committed his act because of a game?

In a Delaware school survey, 6,567 eighth-graders were asked whether they had played violent videogames in the past year. Whitney DeCamp factored out the inclination to play violent games due to a natural attraction to violence, as well as other factors like gender and family relations. The results showed that no matter how violent games are, they don’t predict violent behavior.

In fact, there are many who believe that playing violent games can be an outlet for such aggression. According to one study, general societal violence either didn’t change, or even decreased the week following the release of popular games. I say that if it keeps them out of trouble, that’s just one more reason to play.

We can’t determine if video games are the only reason people become violent, because there could be many factors leading them to act that way. It could be the way they were raised, what they watch on TV, or the fact that they just had a bad day. Blaming videogames for their violent behavior doesn’t indicate the real reason for their actions.  In fact, It’s possible that videogames could help them channel their anger in less violent ways. Maybe videogames can be the solution.

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