All Quiet on the Blogging Front

I have never been a cat lover. I never wanted to pet my friend’s cat, never swooned over cat photos and never even thought about owning one…. and there comes the writer’s block.

Over the past week and a half, I have been staring at this open Word document racking my brain for a blog topic. The first thing that comes to mind you ask? A blog about my Sphynx kittens! Wouldn’t that be perfect? I tried to think of what to say about them but after only getting about three sentences down on paper I found myself having nothing to say after typing, “yes, hairless cats”.



After some serious brainstorming, I thought I had it I’ll write about cauliflower rice, I thought! It only took me about two minutes to get over that idea, realizing most of my class probably couldn’t care less about cauliflower, and even if they did the 30-second explanation I gave in class last week was probably detail enough. So, I let two more days pass by.

Once again I thought I had it! I thought I’d blog about how great Sphynx’s are and share tips for owning them. I retyped my cat introduction and hit the same writer’s block. Motivated to make this happen, I spaced down a few lines and start looking up more details about my cats that I could write about. After about 5.2 seconds of looking up cats I realized I truly am not a big enough cat person to be looking up any types of cats, mine included. I let another day go by.

Finally, I had one last brainstorming session. I decided to not blog about craft beer out of the fear of sounding like a brewery-loving hipster. I pass on gardening because I’ve blogged enough about that already for Sprout MSP, and let’s be real I’m not feeling like the best gardener because I can’t get stupid bugs to stop eating my plants.

So, here I sit a week and a half later, blogging about not knowing what to blog about.


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