Golf Industry Plummeting Post#3

When I was young (4th grade maybe?) my mom signed me up for summer golf lessons with one of my good friends. This was against my will but him and I suffered together and made it out alive. I played a little bit in high school but not as much as I would’ve liked. This wasn’t because the sport was too hard and boring, I think most people like challenges. I like a physical and mental challenge especially when I can do it outside in Minnesota. I think it’s easy to see that Gavin Newsham, who wrote ‘Millennials are ditching golf because it’s too hard and boring’ has a definite bias against this younger generation. If you couldn’t feel that from the title, look about half way through the article where it says “It’s a sure sign that golf is heading in the wrong direction. And, as with so many other issues, it’s the millennials’ fault.” He goes on to say that we are facing financial and time constraints and that is leading us to spend our time and money on different things. Bingo, you got it!

I think it is glorious when people try to blame the millennials for some issue like this one. I, like many others in our generation go to school full-time while working 40 hours a week to pay for our outrageous tuition and rent rates. I think the last thing on earth that I’d like to do is to get done busting my ass at work and then go spend $75 dollars on a round of golf. Sure, go ahead and blame “our poor saving habits” but in all reality, we cannot afford to be playing golf (at least I can’t). I feel like most people who are playing golf are either passionate about the sport or are wealthy enough and can afford to spend the time and money it takes to play. For someone who is trying to make ends meet, golf is unrealistic. We live in a time where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The gap of inequality is still growing and I really couldn’t care less that the golf industry is struggling. It’s just another sign that points to the underlying issue that our capitalistic society has to change here in the United States. At least Gavin admits that golf has been struggling for decades, I just think its funny that now it’s our fault.




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