Speaking of Vaccines…

I can’t be the only one in our class that experiences severe anxiety when it comes to needles. Or perhaps I am. Regardless, we all know somebody with Trypanophobia. Whether that’s you, your sibling, a friend or even your child; vaccinations are perhaps the most universal fear.

Unfortunately, when it comes to shots, there is more to fear than just a steely poke to the arm – or shall I say, lack of one? For the first time in recent history, the medical industry is seeing a significant rise in a disease that was said to be resolved: Measles. This outbreak has reached a total of 58 cases in Minnesota alone. What’s even more striking is the fact that all but 3 of the cases involve people who were not vaccinated.

Luckily, I received all of my vaccinations and neither I nor my parents ever had to worry about me catching serious illnesses at school. I believe that there are FAR too many terrible things that can happen to your child in this world, why not have some peace of mind and prevent the few that you can?

I know in my heart that this will be an important part of my job as a future mother, but what about you? How do you know you’re making the right decisions for you or your family?

I encourage everyone to be careful when it comes to researching this topic. As we have seen, it is easy to be triggered by misleading information or my favorite, “alternative facts”. That’s why I started by talking to my doctor. As you may have read in my previous post about the HPV Vaccination dilemma, talking to your doctor is more than just taking orders. It’s about understanding a different perspective than your own – an educated one at that! If you’re not having meaningful conversations, and your visits seem more like a systematic ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’, then it’s time to find a new doctor.

Here are a few questions to help you get the conversation started.

***Also, for those of you who are interested: There is a nifty new product on the market that can apparently “alleviate the pain and anxiety of needle injections”. It’s called the ShotBlocker, and if it’s any coincidence, I think I might try it!


(Hayley Piekkola)



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