Electronic Communication in Organizations

Written by Binalayefa Nagberi |@binasandra

Most organization strictly prohibit its users from intentionally seeking information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, data or passwords belonging to other users, except in the normal, authorized conduct of their work. In organization employees’ users must understand that any communication created, received or backed up in the systems may be construed to be public documents and may be subject to legal requests for public disclosure.

This includes communications that user might think of as personal and private. In most organization electronic communications may be searched for evidence in any legal proceeding.  It is very expedient to know that supervisors have the authority to inspect the contents of any equipment, files, or mail in the normal course of supervisory responsibilities.

By using an organization electronic communication system, all users consent that the organization may, at its discretion, inspect, use or disclose any electronic communications or data, including those messages that require passwords, without further notice for any legitimate business, legal or disciplinary purpose and may disclose or disseminate such messages to appropriate third parties.

Personal use to occasional use that does not interfere with the conduct of the organization or business, or with an individual performing his or her job responsibilities. As a matter of fact, electronic mail transmission may contain confidential information that may protected by law. Most organization had made clear their potential audiences when sending communication, making it clear that they have to be consistent with the organizational mission goals and with the best image of the company.

Engaging in the expressly prohibited activities may result in immediate discharge or other action that the company deems appropriate. In a nut shell, it is important for those working in any organization to have at the back of their mind that all communication systems transmitted by, received from, or stored in the system of an organization are the property of that organization and are to be used primarily for job the related communications.

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