Am I my brother’s Keeper!?

Water Is Not A Human Right’ claims CEO of Nestle Peter “Brabeck-Letmathe 


I had the pleasure of spending the winter in San Diego this year.  If you’ve experienced a Minnesota winte,r then you know I dodged a bullet.

Fast & Furious NOT REALLY!

While there I visited with an old friend, and professed my undying love for the city. We sat on her porch reminiscing.   As we continued to converse, her neighbor came outside  and washed his car.  My friend jokingly warned him, to hurry before he got caught.  I immediately turned and gave her the side eye while outlandish thoughts raced  in my  mind.  Is the car stolen?  Are they involved in some bootleg, Fast & Furious car theft ring? After she laughed hysterically, she  explained the California drought rules.  I heard about the drought.  However, I wasn’t socially aware,   afterall Minnesota doesn’t have a drought!

Hmmm …… Am I only a social conscience for appearance purposes?

Like the CME church goers, the ones that only go to church on Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter?  As I sat there contemplating , drinking a bottle of Nestle water;I was faced with the fact I am failing Social Awareness 101.


Am I my brother’s keeper?

Back to my bottle of Nestle water, that is cheap and convenient.   Although Nestle pumps gallons of  ground water from drought ridden California on an expired permit.  Coupled with the fact the people in Flint, still drink, bathe, and cook with poisoned water.  Nestle  would like to continue to  pump  fresh ground water from Michigan, for its Ice Mountain bottled water. Few people know it, but Nestle is the world’s largest producer of bottled water.   Nestle questionable ethics extend far beyond!!!

Yes, I am brother’s keeper and I FAILED!!!!!!!!!!

It is my due diligence at MINIMUM to be aware. I should try to understand social, economic environmental, political, and global issues; with regards to the impact they have on humanity




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