Collard Greens are the new Kale?!


I remember falling in a man hole on the side walk, in front of my grandma’s house. I don’t recall any emergency services being called, but the whole block hovered around offering their assistance. A few months later that man hole disappeared along with the neighbors.  Gentrification not only in the Real Estate World!!


“Food gentrification” started as a hashtag by a phenomenal writer Mikki Kendall, who wrote about the impact of turning ordinary products into trendy ones, and the ultimate social impact.

” Once-affordable ingredients have been discovered by trendy chefs, and have been transformed into haute cuisine. Food is facing gentrification that may well put traditional meals out of reach for those who created the recipes. Despite the propaganda, these ingredients have always been delicious, nutritious and no less healthy.” Kendall


Collard greens are the New Kale$$$

What happens when a traditional meal becomes transformed into a spectacular masterpiece because a so called” master” chef added peanuts, and now everybody wants it. Your traditional meals prepared with cheap staples are now a trending. When companies market products as “superfoods” that the cancer fighting heroes, food flies off the shelves. This has correlated with price increases. Even making local farmer’s market speedy too.   In Addition, the food is not easily accessible to people in poorer communities. These tactics have contributed to healthier food being exclusive and unattainable.


Food has and continues to be an issue Americans.  There is a disparity in price between organic and non-organic food, but there isn’t a wage inflation to meet these demands. Due to the disparity in wages many minority families continue to struggle, leaving many of the poorer communities unable to hop on the organic band wagon. Simply stated, you eat what you can afford and access.  For many its food with poor nutritional quality.

It sucks to BE YOU !!

Screw your diet, allergies, religion, accessibility issues, and eat frozen veggies instead of fresh ones!  If you are a black women, and have seen your wages decrease over the years get a 3rd job. Who cares if you can no longer afford the ingredients to prepare your meals, because they’re trending on Twitter now!  Don’t forget Nieman Marcus is selling collard greens for $66 (plus $15 shipping) grab it while supplies last!!

#collard greens are the new kale .

#foodgentrification #Wholefoods


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