Don’t Fall for Fads

Does anybody still play Pokémon Go? It seems like it came and went so fast. Last summer, wherever I would go there were people walking around staring at their phones, then stopping to slide their fingers across the screen to throw a pokeball. At first, I thought they were taking pictures, but when I saw every other person doing it I eventually became suspicious. Soon after that I joined the frenzy. It was fun for 3 weeks, but I’m glad it didn’t last longer.

What was it about that game that made me and so many other people want to walk aimlessly and even go to areas we don’t normally visit? Was it the possibility of finding new Pokémon to add to the collection? Or was it an extra motive to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors? I think the real factor was the popularity. When a fad presents itself, it’s quite common to see masses of people joining in because “everybody’s doing it.”

Fidget spinners have been on the rise. They have existed before, but people recently made it cool. Suddenly almost every kid has one, even a lot of adults. It’s the subject of thousands of YouTube videos as well. Just like all fads, this one will also lose its sweetness. Remember Flappy Bird? It was so popular that the creator took the game down because he couldn’t handle the buzz. Phones that had the game were being sold for thousands of dollars. I doubt the people who bought those phones still play it.

Facebook and other forms of media drive the popularity of these fads. Many people wouldn’t know about them otherwise. When you go online and see that your friends are doing it, it makes you want to do it too. Once it goes viral, it can spread like wildfire. But eventually that fire gets extinguished and all the excitement is suddenly gone. These fads usually have an end because they don’t have infinite variability, meaning that you do the same thing over and over. What do you do when you catch all the Pokémon? Catch more of the ones you already have. What do you do when you beat your high score in Flappy Bird? Try and beat it again. And then what? You just go around in a circle until you get dizzy and fall. Don’t get me started on Fidget Spinners.

My point is, you don’t have to get caught up in all the hype. It can distract you from what really matters in life. You might end up wasting a lot of time and money on something that’s here today and gone tomorrow. I know it’s fun because everybody’s doing it and you want to keep up with the times, but one day you might look back and realize how silly it was.  

It really was 'game over' for Flappy Bird

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When you walk in without knocking

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These are popular right now. How long will it last?

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