Baking 101

Today is the last day of MDST 485 and we are having a pot luck. I couldn’t decide what to bring and then I realized it has been forever since I’ve baked anything and I should bring homemade cookies to class.

I have always loved baking. My favorite books are recipe books. I check them out of the library, borrow them from family, buy them at antique and thrift stores, and receive cookbooks as gifts. I am known in my family as the birthday cake maker. One of my Christmas traditions is to bake with my mother and sisters each year. I binge watch shows like The Great British Baking Show. I bake cupcakes for my friends to bring to work on their birthdays. I love bringing new treats in for co-workers to sample.

So why was the last thing I baked holiday sweets in December?

I can not remember.

This morning I texted my husband from work asking him to collect all the ingredients needed to make Reese’s Chewy Chocolate Cookies. I even felt creative enough to modify the recipe; removing the cocoa powder and adding Hershey’s Chocolate Chips.

Once I got home, I lined up all the ingredients on the counter & preheated the oven…
And then realized I was missing something critical…
Then I realized I forgot my computer…

I was going to document the process for a blog – duh – two birds one stone. So I grabbed my computer and started typing…

Next thing I knew…

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The dough was good to go…

My husband had creamed the butter sugar and flour. Sifted in the dry ingredients. And beat in the Reese’s and Hershey’s chips. While I was typing and homeworking he worked his magic.

Now one thing about my husband is he is a very literal man – if you say “toss me the remote” he tosses you the remote – he reminds me of Amelia Bedelia sometimes; so I was not surprised when…

7 minutes later I no longer smell vanilla goodness but burning badness…

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Things don't always go as planned

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He had followed the recipe exactly minus the cocoa powder, adding the extra chips. My thought with modifying the recipe was to add more flour to replace the dry element of the cocoa powder… Did I say that out loud? Of course not.

So we tossed the blobs, added more flour to the remaining dough, and gave them a second go.

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Attempt 2

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They look edible and taste great! I can’t wait to see what my classmates think about the finished product 🙂

Now the problem is it is 5:15pm on Thursday… I have 45 minutes to bake 3 dozen cookies and get to class… hmmmmm

Final Thoughts:

Maybe I should not bake like I am a contestant on a timed baking competition and give myself a bit more time than I gave myself today…

Maybe one of the reasons I haven’t baked in the last 6 months is creative failure…

Maybe the reason I receive cookbooks as gifts is more of a hint than I ever realized…

And no the picture of cook books at the top of the blog is not mine. All of my baking supplies are packed and stored while we live with my in-laws.



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