Fidget Spinners: Useful or Distracting?

Ahh the fidget spinner. Arguably the dumbest thing ever invented. Or is it?

Promoted as a toy that is supposed to help kids with ADD and autism pay attention better, has caught the attention of kids, and even adults all over the nation. Personally, I think they are an extreme fad, not to mention pointless. I feel that watching from the outside these fidget spinners seem to be more of a distraction than they are helpful.

But who am I to bash on these fidget spinners if they are truly helping kids with ADD and autism focus better. So, I took to the internet to consider both sides of the argument.

According to an article by teacher, Jessica Fear on called the horrors of the fidget spinner, the latest classroom menace, fidget spinners are doing more harm than good. The article talks about how even with the science behind the toy, the people who claim the fidget spinner is helpful, have not spent much time in a secondary education classroom. And that it has a bad effect on those around the kids playing with the toys. While the fidget cube was just distracting and may help some students focus better, the fidget spinner is pure distraction.

Although Forbes gave me a different look the fidget spinner in their article Here’s The Science Behind The Fidget Spinner Craze. This article presents three different scientific possibilities of why fidget spinners can actually help a person focus. The first one talks about how “fidgeting may occupy parts of your brain that otherwise would distract the rest of your brain with random thoughts.”  The second being that body movements are “actually part of the thinking and expression process.” And the third being that fidgeting can offer a sense of comfortability, predictability, and structure to a person.

Whichever you choose to believe, there are always two sides to every story. Spin on my friends. or don’t.



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