Final blog. Post #6

Hello all,

For my last blog I’m going to write about how my summer is going so far and my future plans for this year. So far my summer has been a little hectic. I’ve been getting a lot of hours in at work but balancing them with class and my outside life has been a little stressful. Last month after heavy rainstorm, I got out of bed only to step in what seemed like a lake. Yes, my basement flooded. The foundation had a massive leak somewhere and the sump pump that was put in wasn’t even set up correctly. The construction crew who is currently working on installing drain tile in the basement said that whoever sold the house just put one in to look like it had one but none of the pipes were connected and the pump was actually dysfunctional to begin with. So for the past month I have been living out of my backpack and have been occasionally crashing on my buddy’s couch because most days the crew has to disconnect the running water to work on the basement which means I can’t cook, shower, or do laundry.

One thing I’ve noticed

It’s kind of strange because this small adjustment has really been throwing me off. It just goes to show that a small change in someone’s environment can make a big difference. Everyone always says that humans are resistant to change and I’m kind of glad this happened in a way because I want to try and welcome change more into my life. Which is great because on top of the house being torn apart, two weeks ago I finally brought my car in to get an ongoing issue fixed. Everything was peachy up until another storm rolled through and decided to take out my newly repaired car sitting in the lot of the service garage. The hail in this storm was so strong that it completely dented every section of my car and also shattered the back window, the side mirror, and both taillights. I spoke with my insurance company and they said that they would probably just total the vehicle. So now I am in the market for a vehicle.

So I’m off to a rough start but I’m going to try and be optimistic and once again say that I need some change in my life. On a different note, I have a big trip planned at the end of July. I’m stealing my moms car (if I don’t have one by this time) to go on a road trip out West and backpack The Rocky Mountains. I’m starting at Glacier National Park in Montana and then heading to Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Vancouver, and Washington in that order. I have been working really hard to save up for this trip and I’m very excited to start the adventure.

Now that our class is ending, I’m hoping that some of you will have a little more time to do something fun this summer. Anyone have any fun plans??


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