Fools Paradise-Social Media

I stand to be questioned why the word fools was used on this blog, yet unapologetic. Social technologies have broken the barriers of space and time, enabling us to interact 24/7 with more people than ever before. But like any revolutionary concept, it has spawned a set of new barriers and threats. According to the articles by Forbes magazine an interesting question was asked if our focus now is on communication quantity versus quality? Superficiality versus authenticity?  In an ironic twist, social media has the potential to make us less social; a surrogate for the real thing. For it to be a truly effective communication vehicle, all parties must bear a responsibility to be genuine, accurate, and not allow it to replace human contact altogether. Unfit-tingly it has produced a new set of communication barrier because it is now used in a very awkward manner, yes, I say awkward because people fight and post verbal written tantrums on the so called social media daily, especially on Facebook.

On a crisp Friday afternoon last October, Sharon Seline exchanged text messages with her daughter who was in college. They ‘chatted’ back and forth, mom asking how things were going and daughter answering with positive statements followed by emoticons showing smiles, b-i-g smiles and hearts. Happiness.

Later that night, her daughter attempted suicide.

In the days that followed, it came to light that she’d been holed up in her dorm room, crying and showing signs of depression — a completely different reality from the one that she conveyed in texts, Facebook posts and tweets.

This is where social media gets dicey.

Awkwardly In technology, anyone can hide behind the text, the e-mail, the Facebook post or the tweet, projecting any image they want and creating an illusion of their choosing. They can be whoever they want to be. And without the ability to receive nonverbal cues, their audiences are none the wiser.

A preferred take concerning verbal argument on social media is that you do not have to respond to all tweets and happenings on social media. Be sensitive about your reactions at an issue and remember how ridiculous and most times harmful your statements might be when you post such nasty comments in the present of your audience.


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