Immigrating to America

As an immigrant if you’re lucky you will come to the United States with your entire family. You will be blessed with the presence of your mother, father, and your siblings. In the case of my sister and I it was a little different. I came to the United States with my aunt and cousins when I was 15, my sister came years before that with a different aunt. My sister and I lived in different houses with our aunts for several years in high school, then things got a little complicated and we had to find a place to live.


My sister and I were forced to get our own apartment as teens in high school due to complications we faced at the homes of our aunts. I was a junior in high school and my sister was a sophomore in high school.


We both got our first job at Walmart as cashiers for our new apartment. We walked into our first apartment and had absolutely nothing. We slept with a blanket and pillow on the floor for the first few months until we managed to buy ourselves a queen size bed to share. One pay check at a time we saved money to get ourselves furniture, a year later our lovely apartment had a couch and dining table. It started to come together and feel like a home.


My sister and I worked full time even when we were in high school, we used each other as a support system because failure was not an option. My sister is my backbone and has faced all the difficulties with me. I am blessed to have her by my side.

-Lalise Mohamed



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