Study Tactics

Have you ever felt like you study and study but can never get the material studied to stick in your brain? I know that always happens to me. I believe that if there is a will there is a way and I have found that way. With 4 easy steps, one can boost the results of memorizing and retaining the material that you study.

The first thing you must do is to set a study goal. This is the first thing anybody does when wanting to achieve something, the same applies to studying as well. Setting a realistic goal is ideal as well, biting off more than you can chew is never good. Once you are happy with your goal you go on to the next step.

The second thing you must do is plan to study. If you are like I was scrambling to learn the material the day before a quiz or exam then you know the struggles of it. By planning for studying then you avoid that unnecessary scrambling and become a model student. Also, it puts your mind to ease. To add to the study plan is regular breaks. By adding breaks to the normal plan will add time to recover and create the optimum level of concentration.

Step number three is to take advantage of the tools that we have in our disposal, I’m talking about technology. Nowadays many students have the option to use more than a piece of paper and a pen. Technology gives more of an option to personalize studying. You can use online tools, videos, and even phone apps to help you study in many ways. One of the ways is by giving you a way to test yourself.

Lastly find study partners and keep the routine going. I have seen personally that when studying in a group that grades will go up. It is a good point to select a couple of study partners who you know you work well with and are motivated to achieve good grades as well. With that same group it is good to find a nice quite place to study and keep that routine going.

-Lalise Mohamed

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