The hidden treasure in the Horn of Africa


The Oromo people are the largest ethnic group in Africa with a population of a little over twenty-eight million people. Yet the Oromo people do not have their own country. The Oromo people were colonized in the 1900’s by Ethiopia. They reside in the heart of Ethiopia. The Oromo people make up fifty percent of the population in Ethiopia.


There are 11 regions in Oromia. All the regions speak the same language of Oromo with a little difference in slang. However, every region has its own culture. Every region has a different type of cultural clothing and a different type of cultural dance. However, in all of Oromia one of the biggest cultural component they share is the respect of elders. The respect that the elders are given in the Oromo culture is out of this world.


The Oromo land has the largest livestock holding in all of Africa. It is also home to coffee and where coffee was first discovered. The Oromo land is rich in minerals as well. One of the many reasons why Ethiopia does not want to lose this land.


Currently thousands of Oromo’s are in prison, and many have fled the country. There are no equal rights for the Oromo people. Their culture is looked down upon. Thousands of Oromo students have been killed due to the lack of equal rights. The worst discrimination is faced in the educational system where the Ethiopian government does not want to see the Oromo students be successful.


With all the struggles that the Oromo people continue to face, they still manage to keep their beautiful culture alive. They keep their rich culture alive through different artifacts, dance, food, and clothing. Just remember the next time you take a sip of coffee from Ethiopia, it came from the Oromo region.

– Lalise Mohamed


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