The Power of Social Media

Last month, my best friend Bethany got hospitalized due to immense pain and numbness in the left side of her body. She couldn’t move her left arm or hand. While Bethany was undergoing the many tests the doctors put her through to find out what was wrong, they discovered a benign brain tumor as well.

Well, if you’ve ever seen the show ‘Friends’, you’d know that if that happened to one of the characters, the rest of the gang would be incredible stressed and sleepless. That’s exactly what happened with my closest group of friends. One of us was always at her bedside the entire time she was at the hospital. Especially when her husband (my best friend Wes) needed to be at work. A week and a half went by in the hospital and still no answers, among the stress of the unknown, Bethany who is a professional photographer, had to find fillers for the scheduled weddings she had to shoot. We realized that there was going to be a lot of gaps to fill for us. But we were happy to help.

So we came up with a solution. We launched a YouCaring fund raiser, to help with all the unforeseen hospital bills that would need to get paid. And the next couple of days blew me away.

Not only did we all post this to every social media platform we have accounts on, but we encouraged everyone to at least share the link, and give if you can. The next thing I know, I’m seeing this being posted by all our mutual friends and acquaintances with Bethany, on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even Instagram stories. And every single person that posted about it on their Instagram story, said the same thing of “Link in Bio.” People that knew Bethany closely or decently well, replaced their Instagram biographies with the link to her You Caring page.

This not only moved me, but also taught me a lesson about social media. That even though social media can be seen as a platform to promote self-centered posts, celebrities’ selfies, and company products, in a moment in time of need for Bethany, our internet circle of friends and acquaintances used these platforms to raise them the money they needed. The goal was set at 20K at first, but that was met in a day and a half. Then it was raised to 30K, and that was met in 3 days.

 No matter what negative connotations social media may carry, I believe that when used for purposes such as these, it can be one of the most powerful tools in the world.



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