The Shrine of Fort Snelling

The Shrine of Fort Snelling, is a great place for to visit. It is a historic site that is an excellent representation of the dominate culture. It is a place of leisure and recreation. A place where they can be entertained and proud of their military, the massacre of Native Americans, and slavery. It is a place where they can appreciate the broken treaties as they walk around on tainted soil.  During their visit, they might get a fun fact about the atrocities committed at The Shrine.


Imagine yourself standing on a crowded street, and no one notices you. People, push, kick, and spit on you like dirt. You look up in agony, and suddenly your body is weighed down like cement you can’t move. You hear the cries of the tortured, souls and it chills your bones.  And on a sunny day, you’re forced into darkness where evil lurks in the hearts of man, Like the movie “Get Out,” you are in a sunken place. Forced to smile through frustration and despair.  While enduring great heartache and pain. You search for a community, that you can identify with, but to no avail   That is what my visit to The Shrine of Fort Snelling was like.


The pride take in the  tainted history of The Shrine, reflects the culture in Minnesota. A progressive liberal state with a racist history many chose to ignore.  Furthermore, it’s passive aggressive attitude helps people overlook the present flaws as well. Anytime a progressive state can rank #43 due to racial disparities, and at the same time #3 among best states to live, it has a rotten core!



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