Getting Started for Fishing Bass

Why Bass?

If you are not familiar with Bass fishing you are missing out on the most sought after freshwater fish in the United States. The reason for that is that is they are some of the hardest fighting, highest jumping, and most aggressive game fish there is. The thrill of catching a bass is like no other, which, has inspired hundreds of TV shows, Fishing Tournaments, and Clubs. I am one of the many people that has caught the “Bass Bug.” I am willing to share some of the secrets on getting started.

Nothing like a big bass #Fishing

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First Things First

If you want to fish bass you have to first have to figure out the lakes they live in. The best way to find that out is go to your local bait shop and ask them where they are biting. Next, when you pick a lake you like you have to get a read on what habitat bass are living. Bass are ambush predators they basically hide until they see prey then move to strike.  I look for three things with bass, fallen trees, lilly pads, and weed edges. They offer great hiding spots for bass where they wait for bait fish, frogs, worms, snakes, and pretty much anything that fits in their mouth.

What Bait Should I Use?

The bait you use should depend entirely on where you are fishing. If you are fishing a weed edge it is usually deeper so crankbaits, weedless jigs, and spinners are a good option. When fishing lily pads my alltime favorite is weedless frogs. They imitate a frog swimming on the surface. Bass hit these HARD! It is not uncommon for a fish to jump all the way out of the water as they attack the bait. When fishing trees or other sunken structure I like to use plastic worms. Heck, I like to use plastic worms everywhere. They can be hooked in so many ways and rigged with weights so they are effective in anywhere from 1 to 25 feet. If you follow this you should have no trouble getting into the best type of fishing, Bass.

Different ways to rig a worm #EndlessPossibilities

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