Procrastination…. Don’t Do It!

The Current Predicament

I am currently sitting in a McDonald’s lobby bumming their free Wifi to complete an assignment i should have done weeks ago. Instead of enjoying my vacation on the North Shore of Minnesota I have been writing on and off for the last 48 hours trying to squeak in before the deadline. I’ve had a problem with procrastinating throughout my entire educational career so I decided to look at the psychology of a procrastinator like myself.

Procrastinate and you get to do homework on vacation in a McDonalds

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The Different Types

According to Forbes there are five different reasons we procrastinate. The first reason is that the topic is too easy or difficult. If a task is too easy a person might get bored and not continue working. On the other hand if the task is too difficult they might give up all together. The second reason is that the content is too overwhelming. The task is so complicated that the person doesn’t know where to start. The third is that a person is overworked. We all experience this in some way because we work in cycles of productivity. Most of us can’t work more than an hour or two without a break. The fourth reason is that we are afraid of the first step. Some task take a leap of faith to begin. Procrastination occurs when a person gets cold feet at the last minute and decides to put off the task. Lastly, the person just doesn’t have enough interest or motivation to complete the task. This can stop many people in their tracks before they even start.


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How I Can Work On Myself

After reading this article I reflected on myself and my choices to do homework across the semester and I am going to create some strategies to prevent this from happening. The biggest issue for me is I would rather be doing anything else besides homework, especially with the bevy of summer activities. I feel like I should make a certain time of day that is set aside just for homework or reading. I do well once I have an established habit and by having that hour everyday homework will not pile up.

No more procrastinating #neveragain

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